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Why Lease

By leasing with 100% financing, you can keep your equipment expenses entirely separate from the investments and purchases that require traditional loans. Finance only the amount necessary for the equipment you need, and streamline your company’s budget.

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The Lease Process

1. Select your equipment and vendor.
2. Complete the simple on page Omni Leasing Credit Application.
3. Usually within 12 to 24 hours after receiving your application, Omni will contact you with a response.
4. In some cases, additional information may be required. Once approved…

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  1. Is a downpayment Required?
  2. What About Eventual Ownership?
  3. What are the Tax Benefits of Each Option?
  4. Are There Any Documentation Fees?
  5. Why Lease When I can Borrow from the Bank?
  6. Does Omni Finance New Business Startups?
  7. What is the Definition of a New Business Startup?

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Who We Are?

Omni Leasing Corporation located in Denver, Colorado since 1995 has become a trusted and leading provider of business to business equipment financing.

We’re Here to Help your Business Grow

At Omni, we look at a lease a lot like you do; as a tool to help you acquire the small business equipment financing you need now, so your business can become more productive and more competitive.

Omni provides your business with the financial tools necessary to acquire the equipment that will allow your business to increase earnings and become more productive, without depleting your credit or cash reserves.

It’s a Relationship, Not Just a One-Time Transaction

We believe business equipment leasing is a smart business strategy for any size company. And we put that conviction into practice, financing just about any type of equipment, in just about any type of industry. Omni is happy to work with large and small, new or established businesses alike.

Omni emphasizes Lease to Own Programs with no hidden costs. Establishing trust with straightforward presention of all the lease details is essential to our business philosphy.

Omni’s personal service, combines with industry knowledge, ensures speed, simplicity and convenience in processing your business equipment leasing requirements.

We know that a monthly payment that matches your financial needs with affordable rates and flexible end-of-lease options will translate into the ongoing relationship we seek with every customer.

Small Business Equipment Financing

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